Sunway Lagoon – Monkey Island Prime Mates Package


Do you live for the blue skies and hot days? Then come on down to Sunway Lagoon. Sunway’s Monkey Island Prime Mates Package lets you experience the best of both Theme Parks and the beach life.

Rekindle a picturesque beachfront setting and the serenity of the crushing waves at Sunway Lagoon’s Surf Beach. An unrivaled destination simply for romantic beach getaways, perfect relaxing getaway or boisterous jamboree of your imagination on nearly 1 acre of beautifully landscaped grounds. Whether its sipping cocktails in a private poolside cabana or scuba diving, luxuriate in Sunway Lagoon’s beach. Stuff daydreams are made of and offer you the opportunity to self-isolate in style.

Wholesome fun is in store for couples and families at Sunway Lagoon! A multitude of fantastic rides and attractions await, making the park the perfect place for a day’s retreat together with loved ones. Sunway Lagoon is definitely the place to go for a limitless of fun!

Spend the holiday at this exclusive private island in the city!

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